“The Emerging Adulthood” 15 – 25

What do I do now? Where do I go from here? How can I successfully transition into adult hood and my next stage of life?

Life Coach Transitions:
Transitioning into high school or college, moving out of your parent’s house, getting married, or having children all involve change and possible stress. Going from the top dog phenomenon or “your comfort zone” to the unknown can be somewhat of a disappointment and daunting. As adolescences make the transition into adulthood they face complex and challenging issues and with high expectations of the “real world.” They may experience feelings of inferiority, uncertainty or confusion about their new journey. At times the emerging adult may require insight from someone other than their parents to “listen and give them some gentle guidance.” Allow me to help you or your child enjoy the journey.

Areas of Specialization
• Child/Parent Relationships- How many of us are 25 and feel like “I am still the child” when I talk to my parents? But often find yourself saying I am no longer a child and I no longer want to be treated that way. How do I change my relationship with my parents so I can feel like an adult too?

• Family of Origin Issues-How do I get rid of the pain from my past so I don’t damage future relationships?
• How to talk to your parents about how their divorce affected you
• Self Esteem & Body Image
• Defining yourself as the person you are and the person you want to become
• Developing health relationships
• Alcohol/Drugs/Sex

“Ask me about my five rules to follow to have a positive and productive conversation”