What is trauma?

What does it feel like? What does it mean to be a trauma survivor? What is post traumatic stress disorder? How many times have you stopped to realize that life had been going along just fine and all of a sudden it changes? Perhaps a sudden accident occurs and you are injured or a loved one is killed in the accident and you witnessed it? What happened when you remembered a traumatic childhood event that changed your life? Why do you feel the way you do about yourself? Do you often find yourself sabotaging your self worth? And how does it affect the family.

Examples of Trauma may include: Non-verbal or verbal abuse, sexual assault, a serious automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, a plane crash, a dog attack, an unexpected death, or witnessing a horrific event.

Trauma may be based on abandonment, neglect, or deprivation of basic physical and emotional needs, and can be an ongoing process.

What is EMDR? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a powerful modality of therapy. EMDR has helped millions of people to relieve many types of psychological stress. We know that when a person has been traumatized and they bring to recall that traumatic experience it is as though they are actually reliving it. Seeing, hearing, feeling, and even smelling specific cues that make the event appear as though it is happening all over again. The traumatic event is “stuck” in our brains. These memories remain alive, sometimes consciously and often times unconsciously. They can stay with you throughout your life and can make your life miserable “unless you work through them.” Learning about past and current trauma and the impacts of these traumatic events is important. Identifying what is under the “tip of the iceberg” can help you to resolve the pain and can help you to live a more positive and productive life.

1-2 sessions are necessary to get an in-depth understanding of the problem and to decide if EMDR is the appropriate treatment for you. EMDR sessions are generally 60-90 minutes and depending on the event/s will determine how many treatments are necessary. EMDR may be used a modality treatment alone or incorporation with your regular therapy session.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder