Life Coaching:

Life Coaching is a powerful, professional alliance focused on your personal and professional development. The content of all sessions is strictly confidential. Typically, a relationship begins with an exploratory session, in that we both determine whether the relationship is a good fit. This session, as with all others, can occur by phone or in person. After the exploratory session, the next step is a more thorough assessment process. You then do some big picture reflection in preparation for the foundation session which follows. After the foundation session, our coaching relationship may last from several months.  While many clients utilize shorter, more frequent coaching sessions to help them stay on track, (such as 30 minutes each week), others do best with more in-depth work on a less frequent basis. It is your choice but I will make recommendations.

Coaching sessions are based on four-steps:

Planting the S.E.E.D

1. Set the goal  2. Envision the journey  3. Execute the plan  4. Deliver the results

What a normal session will look like:

1.   Check-in:

What would you like to work on today?
2.   Assessment: Have you followed through with your goals from your last agenda?
3.   Work: What is your agenda for today? We may focus on immediate goals, short term or long range goals, or identifying the final outcome / results. The choice of each session will be “yours.”  My job is to be your compass and assist you in staying focused on your goals.
4.   Follow up: What will your focus be for your next session? We can create a series of possibilities as a team. I will make suggestions but ultimately the commitment to specific choices is up to you.
  • Personal- Self improvements, education, communications, awareness
  • Professional goals
  • Action Items (projects)
  • Behaviors to initiate, strengthen or dissolve

How to get the best out of your coaching sessions:

    • Be specific in outlining the goals that you bring to coaching
    • Follow thru with commitments
    • Develop your ability to observe yourself with compassion and without judgment or blame
    • Be willing to be open to new possibilities, perspectives and energy
    • Reflect on your experiences so you can capture new learning that emerges along your journey
    • Be willing to be flexible to change
    • IF you need help be willing to “ask”
    • Continue to stay focused on the four step outline
    • Remember… It’s all about you!